food delivery

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We recover and redistribute perfectly healthy food, preventing it from going to landfill and redirecting it to those who need it, using technology. Our aim is to fix the disconnect between food waste, sustaining the environment and feeding hunger.

How do we do it?

We  partner with various big and small food donors,  non profit organizations and volunteer drivers to recover surplus food and connect them to various sections of the community experiencing shortage of food. We do this by using an App which notifies drivers of the surplus food available and where it needs to go.

Our food donors include small and big grocery stores, local restaurants and mom and pop shops. Our Non profit partners currently are homeless shelters, small food banks and community centers.

Our model of food rescue and distribution not only enables access to healthy food, but gets food to where people already are – overcoming barriers like transportation and time.

Did you know food donations are protected by the Bill Emerson Good Samartan Act?


  • Food donations are protected by federal law under the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act First passed in 1996, this law protects everyone in the food donation cycle, except in cases of gross negligence.
  • We work with our food donors, volunteers, and nonprofit partners to ensure that all donated food is ready to eat, maintaining the dignity of each donation and delivering food with respect to all who may benefit from it.
  • We ensure the highest possible standards of food safety by the following:
  • All of our operations staff are ServSafe certified.
  • Our donors are all food retailers that observe the highest levels of food safety practices in their establishments.

Interested in donating food regularly or one time, please send us a message